Over the past two decades, I’ve created award-winning work for clients both large and small. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s esteemed Graphic Design program, I was immediately drawn to interaction-rich “new media” and the unbridled frontier of the Internet. Although I would go on to create my share of television, print and environmental experiences through the years, I continued to focus on the ever-changing, exploratory and highly inventive nature of the digital world. The rise of social media and real-time learning has allowed me to adopt an iterative process where creative ideas are not one-and-done, but rather expansive, evolving entities of their own right. I have recently brought this iterative approach to holistic campaigns that lean heavily on traditional as well as digital media.

There is nothing I love more than directing a team of motivated individuals who bring creative ideas and unique skills to the table. The history of digital design and advertising is one of collaboration, and I feel that is the single most important common denominator of beautiful work and great results. Strategy, creative and technology all need to come together as one to give birth to something smart, new, alive and relevant to the modern world. For me, this philosophy extends beyond the office and into the local community. As an active member in the art and tech scenes in Cincinnati, I saw an opportunity to bring creative individuals from varied disciplines together for collaboration and cross-pollination, while also inspiring young would-be inventors. So I created Cincinnati Maker Faire, based on the original Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. Now in it's sixth year, I have since relinquished the reins to Cincinnati Museum Center where it will continue to be an annual celebration of creativity and ingenuity.

My clients have included: Anheuser-Busch, Downy, Dreft, Eclipse Aviation, Fujitec, Gold Star, Goodwill, The Joanie Bernard Foundation, Kodak, Kroger, Mercedes-Benz, Milwaukee Tool, Mountain Dew, Ohio Lottery, Procter & Gamble, PUR, Skyline Chili, ThermaCare, Tide, Tom & Chee, Vicks and Western & Southern.